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Therapy during COVID times

We miss the physicality of you - the way you enter the waiting room - the way you arrange your coat and bag when you take a seat - the way you look around the room, maybe a bit nervous, until we settle in together - the way we share a breath together at your biggest self-discoveries.

And someday soon, it will be safe to be together again. Until that time, Here and Now Counseling is online.  Sessions are held via a HIPAA compliant video platform.  We are continuing to monitor public health information and guidelines and will re-evaluate in-person sessions in the spring of 2021.  Until then, stay safe and stay well and we'll celebrate on the other side of this!


Under the current mental health guidelines we may be able to provide therapy to you even if you live outside of New Jersey.  Contact us for more information. 


Our therapists are trained in gestalt and somatic therapy.  Somatic therapy supports the connections between brain, body and mind.  We blend traditional “talk therapy” with techniques to utilize the functions of the nervous system for an integrative approach to help you grow, heal, and become your authentic self.  You will learn how to 'tune in' to the wisdom and messages your body has to offer.  Click here to learn more about our therapists and their specific approaches.

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