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Therapy during COVID19

Dear Honored Clients,

The health and wellness of my clients is of the utmost importance to me.  As I continue to monitor the health advisories I am weighing physical health concerns with the concern I have for the potential feelings of anxiety, doubt and possibly isolation that I also know people are experiencing.  For the time being, I will continue to offer in-office appointments to my clients. Please review the following notes about care to make your own determination about your scheduled appointments:

- Please do not attend your appointment if you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold or flu.  During this challenging time, I will be waiving any late cancel fees due to illness.  If you wake up the day of your appointment and do not feel well, please let me know and plan on staying home.

- In some instances I may be able to offer video counseling.  This is not appropriate for every situation, if you find yourself unable to come in to the office but are interested in video conferencing, please let me know and we will discuss the possibility.

- Mindful Therapy Center has multiple waiting areas.  In addition to the main waiting room, there are two areas in the hallway by my office.  Please feel free to wait in any of these areas to help us observe "social distancing"

These are confusing and unusual times. Much of what you already know still pertains: Wash your hands, eat healthy food, get good rest and care for those around you. And of course, breathe.

From the poem Pandemic, by California poet, Lynn Ungar:

Know that we are connected  in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.   (You could hardly deny it now.) Know that our lives  are in one another’s hands.   (Surely, that has come clear.) Do not reach out your hands. Reach out your heart. Reach out your words. Reach out all the tendrils  of compassion that move, invisibly,  where we cannot touch.

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