Sarah Mello, MA, MS, LPC, ACS


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Owner, Therapist


Sarah is the owner of Here and Now Counseling and has been in private practice since 2016.  She received her counseling degree from Capella University and completed a three-year post graduate training program at The Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia, where she is also a member of the faculty. Sarah works with individuals ages 16 and up, couples, and families. 

"I draw on my training in gestalt therapy, yoga, and creative arts in my work with clients. Ultimately, my goal is for you to find peace, a sense of wholeness and deeper satisfaction with your life."

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Couples Therapy, Divorced families, Gender Issues

Hobbies and Interests: Fiber arts, encaustic painting, and roadside attractions.

Fun Fact: I have a tattoo of The Velveteen Rabbit

El Schoepf, Intern


Clinical Intern

El earned their Master of Science in counseling psychology from the University of Baltimore in 2019,  and they are currently completing a three-year post graduate training program at The Gestalt Training Institute of Philadelphia (where they met Sarah!). As a lapsed classical musician, El especially enjoys working with performing artists and advocating for mental wellness and inclusivity within the performing arts.

"To me, therapy is a place where you can feel heard, deeply understood, and experience a sense of belonging. My approach to psychotherapy is culturally sensitive and relational, and I work at a pace that’s comfortable for you.”

Special Interests: Musicians/performing artists, early career academics, queer/questioning, mood dysregulation, trauma

Hobbies and Interests: Outdoor adventures, kundalini and yin yoga, good coffee and craft beer, and getting cozy with my two cats

Fun Fact: I’ve held a lot of interesting jobs! Among them are: clarinet repairist, queer barista, and teaching a robot to love.

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Red, Chief Morale Officer

Mariah Vargo, Intern


Clinical Intern

Mariah earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology where she is currently enrolled as a graduate student pursuing her Master's Degree in Counseling.  Mariah enjoys working with all populations, especially children and adolescents.  She is looking forward to becoming an advocate for young children and promoting mental health awareness for young children.

“Therapy to me is an experience where individuals  are supported and are encouraged to be comfortable with being vulnerable to promote positive change.  My goal as a counselor is to provide the necessary skills and tools to allow clients to obtain and sustain their desired outcomes.”

Specialties: Children experiencing grief and/or divorce

Hobbies and Interests: guitar, bass clarinet, and piano. traveling, off roading with my Jeep, reading, cooking, and any outdoor activity.

Fun Fact: As a member of an orchestra, I was able to travel to 5 countries in Europe while playing.

Red, Chief Morale Officer

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